Saint Louis By Night

A meeting of the Blood
Enter Sebastian Slade

Sebastian Slade looked upon the skyline from his luxury apartment at the The Chase Park Plaza in downtown St. Louis. The beast inside him ravenously hungry. It has been too long since he has fed. Only by sheer power of will has he been able to keep it at bay. Being new to the city he has not had the time to build up a respectable herd or even introduce himself to the prince as tradition dictates and establish his domain. Being Ventrue he has very specific tastes and responsibilities put upon him by the clan.

“Mercedes I cannot wait any longer. I hope that you have acquired something suitable to fit my needs.”

“Yes sir. I have taken the liberty of contacting two promising young ladies that come very highly recommended that I think you will find suitable for your tastes. The door knocked. “That must be them now.”

“Excellent. Let them in and prepare the car I won’t be long.” He turned to the doorway as she stepped out to see two beautiful escorts. He turned to them and let the force of his presence overpower them. “You,” he motioned to the blonde bombshell. “Go into the bathroom and freshen up.” She did as he commanded as he wasted little time approaching the brunette as if going in for a kiss and instead moved her hair back to expose her naked jugular. “Close your eyes” he whispered and as she did he exposed his fangs and sunk them deep into her neck.

The power of the kiss took hold and the woman moaned in ecstasy. He drank deeply yet slowly trying to savor the taste of her blood. The beast threatened to overpower him wanting to drain the woman dry but he was just barely able to keep it in check. It was a good thing that he had another woman in which drink from to sate his never ending thirst. He pulled away and licked the wound just as the other woman came out the bathroom.

The kindred one by one make it to Elysium in the St. Charles Convention Center to make introductions to the prince. They very briefly meet each other and are “requested” by her to go and see “Jane” down in south county to investigate a mortal that has supernatural abilities. They carpool in Sebastian’s limo and begin the drive there.

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